For over thirty years the staff and management of MetroLink Solutions has been involved in the design, construction and operation of advanced telecommunications networks in locations throughout the world.

This extensive experience-base has allowed MetroLink to pursue a unique opportunity; the development of low-cost, yet highly reliable, wireless broadband networks, providing Internet-delivered applications, content and telecommunication services, to remote and rural areas of emerging markets worldwide.

Our unique applications, coupled with a variety of supporting products and services, are designed to advance education, support modern healthcare, and provide community services on a scale currently unavailable in underserved regions.

As ‘A Commercial Enterprise, Producing Sustainable Humanitarian Results’ our solutions are designed to both underwrite the costs of the social responsibility programs, as well as support revenue creation within the community. When combined into an all-encompassing social responsibility infrastructure effort, they produce life-changing benefits in education, health and social sustainability.

MetroLink Solutions has extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of advanced telecommunications networks in locations throughout the world. In addition, MetroLink provides sophisticated security technology supporting a wide variety of perimeter, monitoring and facility safety solutions.

MetroLink Services

  • MetroLink Wireless Networks: designs, deploys and operates advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ wireless ‘multi-tier’ broadband networks in the emerging markets worldwide.
  • MetroLink Media Solutions: is the business unit that provides video, voice and data, through the acquisition, creation and distribution of content, and applications, distributed over both MetroLink wireless networks, and networks owned or operated by third party operators.
  • MetroLink Technical Services: is a support business unit that provides solutions-based resources, technical services and equipment to MetroLink-owned networks, third party system operators and network end-users in support of the enterprise.
  • MetroLink Security: is a security and safety solutions group that combines advanced applications and software, with military-grade security products, to provide a wide range of monitoring, surveillance and incident response solutions.
  • MetroLink ETS: is MetroLink’s division engaged in altruistic, yet commercially sustainable, initiatives by providing Internet-delivered educational, medical and socially focused applications, content and services to remote and rural areas of emerging markets.